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1. Your definition of love?
Hmm. Love is unconditional. It is seeing who a person really is after peeling back all their layers & still seeing the good in them. Love is selfless. It is caring for  their well-being & happiness at all costs. Finally, when obstacles arise, love is able to get you through anything because it is enduring. (but what do I know x)
2. What is your proudest moment in life?
Uh… I took a picture of a baby snail and won 2nd place in a photo competition back in high school. Idk if that’s my proudest moment, but that’s all I can recall right now. 

3. If you were stuck in the middle of the road, who would you call? 
My dad :)

4. Worst film ever?
Serbian Films… couldn’t even make it half way through the movie.

5. Which super power would you want?
A conjuring skill… like making items appear when I want 8) 

6. What kind of pet would you want?
A big, super fluffy dog that is also hypo-allergenic.

7. Ideal birthday celebration.
Maybe a dinner with friends. Hosting parties stress me out :x

8. City or suburbia? 

9. The first thing you would do with $1 million dollars?
Invest. Cause y’know what’s better than $1 million dollars? +$2 million dollars. lol!
10. Which country would you travel to?
Spain maybe? It’s suppose to be the most beautiful country o-o

11. How’s life?
Life’s good. Although, question #2 made me realize I need to do more proud worthy things in my life… lol. 
1. What is your purpose in life?
2. Who do you admire the most & why?
3. What do you regret the most?
4. What is your dream job?
5. If you were offered your dream job & it paid top dollar, but it required you to change/ go against who you are, would you still accept it?
6. What is your all time favorite song?
7. Pet peeves?
8. If you were an animal, which one would you be?
9. What is your best talent?
10. What would you want your gravestone to say?
11. Who is the person you trust the most & why?
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Capable of starting a war if I’m hungry enough.

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(on coming on to a successful show three seasons in) It’s really exciting because you already know it’s a big show and everybody loves it. Everybody already knows what’s happening. But it’s also really intimidating and scary at the same time, because it is a show that does so well, there are a lot of expectations. You have to be up to par with everybody else. 

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